Monday, 11 February 2013


So it's my birthday in a couple of months. I need outfits. About 3, I think. I'm planning to go to Alnwick Treehouse for dinner with one half of my family, As You Like It for dinner with the other half and then a night out with my friends. My budget isn't that big because I'm still saving for trips to London for drama school auditions, but I could be doing some work on a kids TV show soon!

I've got a couple of ideas using stuff I already have and a few expensive ideas I need cheaper alternatives to, but it's a start. I got this basic fitted jersey dress in navy, but I might have to take it up a little. Green is my favourite colour so I love these emerald earrings, and this ASOS sequined clutch is so pretty. The yellow heels will give me those extra inches I can't grow and the gold necklace will go with loads of other things I have in the cupboard!

I've been told to keep the weekend after my birthday free by my parents too, I have no idea what's happening but I LOVE surprises. Probably because I rarely get them, but that's what makes them even better!     

I found this amazing dress from Virgos Lounge but I'm not sure on the colour- I was thinking more of red, blue or black. This one feels too christmasy for some reason.

Hopefully I'll be going to Paris in the next few months as well, or somewhere in France anyways. I'm looking to study over there after I finish my college course next year. Also found out that University is free in Denmark so I'm going to have a look at degree courses in Copenhagen. Thinking forward to Paris, I want a couple of really chic outfits- lots of black and lots of gold.

Guess I need to start shopping then....

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  1. Very nice taste for words as for fashion, definitely a brilliant future in anything you set your mind on... In the meantime keep the words going...