Hiya! That's me, up there ^ ^ ^ an actor (work in progress), writer (you're reading the blog, duh), creative-type-person. I love people, I love my family and my friends, my cat and my dog (separately –
 they'd hate each other if they ever met!), I love food, I love travel and the arts, I love experiences and most of all I love life. Take that as soppily as you like. I'm from Newcastle Upon Tyne (North East of England– the coldest part), have lived here all of my short life– apart from the few weeks a year I get to jet off somewhere with a better climate with the fam– and love it. Northerners are lovely lovely people, the region is stunning and has a lot to offer those who give her a chance. Got a question? Get in touch! Leave a comment/link to your blog/email address whatever you fancy. 

Love love,


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