Sunday, 27 January 2013

Tailor Made

There's one item in my wardrobe that seems to be dictating my fashion choices lately, and that's my blazer. Trying to find a tweed blazer that isn't too expensive and isn't so "countryside" that you need a whippet and a flat cap to wear one is pretty difficult.

Originally, I had a blue blazer with very fine white pinstripes and a brassy/gold ancor button; only an £18 purchase from Primark, it surprised me by being my most complimented item of clothing at the time. A year or two later and over a stone lighter, I needed a replacement. I ended up obsessing over a £200 beauty from Jack Wills– not exactly within my price range. And when I had just-about convinced myself to save up the money to buy it, my Dad booked our holiday to Bangkok.

And what, you say, does this have to do with a tweed blazer?


Thailand is well known for having some of the best tailors and textiles in the world. Having been to Thailand before, my dad was pretty familiar with the process of getting something made, so after days of being mischievously deviated into unexpected tailors by ALL of our tuk tuk drivers and walking past tailor after tailor on our way out of our hotel, we were eventually persuaded by Buno (our private taxi driver for three-ish days) to use his "cousin" in Silom.

Buno's cousin was no more his cousin than Audrey Hepburn is mine. Nonetheless, we found styles that we liked and good materials resulting in two very happy customers and one bored sister who had to put up with several trips for extra fittings– sorry!

Luckily for me, dad paid for mine as a Christmas gift. So that's £300 saved on the JW jacket, plus £80 on the one from the tailors. Not bad, I say.

Now that Christmas has come and gone I can finally wear and accessorize my tweed wonder. Due to the lack of choice in tweed at Buno's cousins' I had to opt for a pattern with a pink stripe when I would have preffered red or burgundy. To my surprise, I think the pink has actually proved the better option.

Those black boots are my absolute favourites, the pandora I got for christmas (added the charms from another bracelet and got the airplane and butterflies brought back from a skiing trip by my mum and pappa). Can you guess how much that clutch was? £3. Primark. Never thought I'd go in there again but I'm glad I did. Found the scarf amongst the chaos in TK Maxx- finding something in there always feels rewarding because it takes so much effort to do it!


P.s. That's my cat, Quincy. She's mental.


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    1. They're my favourite boots! Definitely a good purchase :) I've just followed you on bloglovin, you can follow this on there or subscribe to the RSS feed. Feel free to add me on google plus if you have that too!

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    1. Not a problem! Your blog looks great! Thank you also :)

  3. absolutely love the blazer!! it looks truly fab. I'm also glad to hear you had a good experience with having something made up in Thailand- I've heard a few horror stories that had put me off the idea!

    also, as far as JW goes, always keep an eye out in the sales- the prices can sometimes more than half on the expensive items =)



    1. It was totally worth it! I didn't think it would but it just goes with everything! Thanks :) Yes it was a bit of a risk but my dad had done it before so he knew how to act with the tailors (probably helped that he's 6ft tall too haha). Just make sure you have a couple of fittings and if you don't like how it's going tell them pronto! I had to tell them about 5 times that it needed to be fitted more at the waist, which they did do eventually.

      Ah yes love the JW sale, having a cuppa in my JW mug right now! :L

      Ima check out your blog- follow each other on bloglovin?


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