Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The only way is Swiss

This hand held pizza with all the toppings right here looks good, no? 

Looks great, we agreed.

Tasted even better, he said.

That pizza was a very good pizza. I will always remember it. Especially for €13, which is v. good a la swiss.

We managed to get all the way over to Switzerland and hit Neuchatel first, last and kind of only other than a quick drive through Geneva. NB I must must must (improve my bust) go back to Geneva. As luck would have it the day we turned up a 'Buskers Festival' had just so happened to take over the entire town. Our eardrums were burst with the blaring music of many musicians, we ate amazing pizza, fab waffles and drank good beer and nice wine. What. More. Could. You. Want. 

Our first point of call was a wee spritzer at one of the harbour-side bars called King. The Rastafarian Swiss French waiter was a real charmer. 

Not bad eh?

I love this dress. I got it from Dotty P's but it completely sold out as soon as I decided I was gonna go back and get another in a different colour. Sods law.

That's the back of ze pizza oven on the left. Just in case you were slightly intrigued and or interested. No worries if not, I understand, really I do.

€2 extra for the cup, nice momento says I.

Along with the musicians we stumbled upon some semi-professional (possibly just locals really) salsa dancers busting a few moves in the street. Outside Macky D's unfortunately but beggars cant be choosers! 

On our way back to the van this literally popped out of thin air. 

Twas cute.

And fun!

As us females aren't of the tall variety though, Pappa S had to give us a lift. Classy I know. 

Final judgement?

The only was is Swiss.

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