Monday, 24 June 2013

Father's Day (& Pappa's too)

I come from a broken family. Boo hoo, right? Nah! I get to celebrate Father's Day twice, have a huge extended family and lots of extended friends (more like family really). I'm very, very lucky.

Phil - my Dad.

Ian - my Pappa (Step-Dad)

Soppyness aside, Father's Day was great. I took my Pappa to the Butterfly Cabinet in Heaton for Pancakes.

The BC is my favourite place for breakfast by far. And a lot of other people's favourites too! There's usually a 12 strong queue of people outside all waiting for a table! Luckily for us, no one else seemed to want to go out for breakfast on Father's day, so we got in pretty quickly. The decor is great, kind of jazz mixed with a touch of parisian, hint of american and a lot of vintage!

After establishing ourselves on a cosy table next to the counter we set to work on the menu. Not hard for me. Or Ian, really.  

I would describe their magnificence to you but I just don't think I'd do them justice. I've tried all of them now (my waistline is going to start groaning if I'm not careful), but my favourite remains the banana pancakes with butterscotch syrup– Ian had them on this occasion and I opted for the oh-so-sickly triple chocolate pancakes with chocolate sauce. Just to be greedy (and box clever) I asked for two extra pots of maple syrup: one is never ever enough. We went halfers so that I wouldn't die from a chocolatey overdose and very nearly demolished the lot (I technically did later on at home...). 

A very nice iced vanilla late – not bad at all.

Sadly beaten. 

Happily full (gorged, same same).

Me? Finish those later? No! Oh? You insist? Well... if you're really sure...

After the BC I headed off to the Jensen's to see my Grandad Brian, Dad and Uncle Marty– and all of the ladies of course. 

Gran and Granda


Uncle & Auntie – whenever I type 'Auntie' I really really just want to emphasise how I pronounce it. Like 'ant-ee' and not 'auhn-tee'. It always sounds like the latter in my head when I read the word, though that's not how I say it... Weird! 

The irresistible Bobs

Dad and Emzy (my lovely, lovely Step-Mum)

And who is that?

Haha! It's me! Ze Bobs! 

We went to my Dad's local for food (I was too full so sipped at a glass of rosé instead) and then headed back to his for an afternoon of sun, alcohol, chat and laughter. For some reason I was feeling a bit funny so couldn't enjoy the champagne.... or the wine.... or the tequila.... Water was my closest companion for the day. We did have a really lovely afternoon though. It's always better when you can enjoy each others company in the sunshine; conversation seems to be happier and flows much more easily– although that could have been the alcohol! 

Perfect day with my fellas. 

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