Friday, 26 April 2013


It's slowly starting to even out, but I've always been a sweet person rather than savoury, so when I decide to make something I usually bake or throw together some sort of treat/dessert. This is pretty silly for a girl who's on a constant diet. I can't help but laugh though, thinking about the disasters I made at my Grandparent's house when I was little– think bagels covered in ice cream, squirty cream, raisins, honey and bicuits (basically whatever I could get my hands on and fit into a bowl). One of my first solo-attempts at baking was also at their house, when I decided to make bread & butter pudding. From what I can remember, it wasn't exactly a roaring success. 

On Sunday I was in a baking mood– and we had loads of bread in the cupboard– so I thought I'de give it another go. I just used a BBC recipe that you can find here. But I used a no-crusts bread, plus a few slices of a nuts & seeds loaf when I ran out of the other one (might try using that for a whole b&b pudding next time). If you love raisins like I do, smother it in them! You can use a packet of mixed dried fruit as well if you find plain raisins a bit boring– I took that route this time. I think the recipe didn't have enough sugar in it so sprinkled quite a lot over the top when it was done, make sure you taste it before you do that though (sorry, that's obvious I know).

Et voilĂ !

Easy peasy. 

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