Friday, 22 February 2013

Pot of tea for three!

Catching up with old friends is the best. Apart from when you forget to take photos because you talked too much. I went out for coffee with Jade and Chris today, we went to a lovely little cafe called Rene's and ended up being oh-so-traditionally-english and ordered three pots of tea instead– I had a cappuccino afterwards to compensate, Chris had another pot of tea.

We had a little walk around the village afterwards to find Jade a venue for her 18th birthday, then had a wander into Green Ginger (quirky shopping arcade in an old church) only to find that one of my favourite little vintage shops is closing down! Such a shame. Buuut I did take advantage a little by purchasing a leather clutch I've had my eye on for months, a twisted gold link chain and a Buddha necklace (which I looked all over Bangkok for and couldn't find!).

Tynemouth is just of great little shops– Razzberry Bazaar is another of them. It's like the brick-a-brack version of Keel Row book shop that I talked about in my last post (Perfect Day). Everything is piled from floor to ceiling, coordinated by colour and fragranced by incense! You might not be able to focus on anything until you've been in a few times, but it's worth a rummage anyway.

When I got home I started painting: I have to create a portfolio for a college interview. I can't paint. It was only a couple of weeks ago that I mastered (overstatement) the art of drawing fashion models, but it seems painting is taking things too far. Straight lines and geometric shapes are ok, as are colouring the fashion models and drawing room designs, but as soon as a certain friend of mine gets back from uni I'm asking her for help!

Oooo I started reading Memoirs of a Geisha! I'm hooked already! All I've been reading lately are plays and books on acting, it's so nice to finally pick up a novel. The film is pretty good too, I've heard the book is better, we shall see!

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